Sandra Hohn

Sandra Hohn


May 31, 1961 - April 27, 2023


Sandra Hohn, 61, of Rochester, MN formerly of Mitchell, died Thursday, April 27, 2023, in Rochester. Visitation will be Thursday, May 11, from 1-3:00 PM at Bittner Funeral Chapel. Burial will be at Graceland Cemetery in Mitchell.



Thursday, May 11, 2023
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Bittner Funeral Chapel
805 W Havnes Ave
Mitchell, SD 57301


Graceland Cemetery
Mitchell, SD

Posted by Jennell Henderson on May 11, 2023
When I placed her to the assisted living home, when of the questions they asked was, does she have any habits we should know? Yes she take things that aren’t hers, oh they she’s a shopper.
Posted by Kraig Nolz on May 10, 2023
My fondest memory of Sanders is how happy she was when Uncle Jim was singing. RIP Sandy Hohn.
Posted by Carole Tholen on May 10, 2023
Jesus saved you a spot on the front row Sis! There will be room for your books and bags too! What a blessing and ray of sunshine Sis was each and every day. Her sweet giggle after a toot! And who can forget her sneaky ways - sneaking a chocolate, getting it all over her face and when asked if she got into the chocolate, she denied with gusto! I will miss you Sis! Love you! Carole.
Posted by Anne Henderson on May 10, 2023
I have so many memories with Sis that I will cherish always. Who can forget her excitement at the dances when Tiny Bubbles was played? How can I not smile at the memories of her flirting with all the cute boys? And her love of necklaces - or anything she deemed worthy of wearing as a necklace! And that time she wore a negligee around the house? Or when we had to run from that bull? And how much she loved Reader's Digest or any other magazine? So many memories that I will cherish. I love you Sis!
Posted by Debra Nolz-Paul on May 10, 2023
Have been thinking about the great egg episode at Von Vons. We were there at chore time collecting eggs. You & I were carrying the bucket full of eggs when we heard a "look out." Down we went with the eggs! They were everywhere & We all had the best scrambled egg dinner that night! It was eggceptional! Thanks for the good times & memories.
Posted by Debra Nolz-Paul on May 4, 2023
I imagine your in heaven playing cards and laughing with grandpa...learning your colors and numbers. What a strong, determined and spiritual soul you were. Surpassing all odds more than once Anything Yellow,and Church not cartoons. You always responded with a stern "Look look look" when getting unwanted glares. Did not hesitate to run with "the Kids" when we were around, in fact ran right into that pot of wallpaper paste. Always thought of you when taking care of any patients with Downs. We all just want to be treated fairly and equal. As for Goy, Goby, Kurkus and Ricky. Your pronunciation of our names has stayed with us. Gobra went to Goby and that has stuck thru college and today as Aunt Goby. Somebody told us kids that you were an old soul. Only special families got to have old souls because they had something to teach us. That's why we were lucky enough to have you. Rest well Sandy Hohn.
Posted by Joyce on May 3, 2023
“Look Look”
We love and miss you already
Your battle was long and hard time to rest Sis
Posted by Jennell Henderson on May 1, 2023
What a special sister. God new we needed her
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