Florence Heath


February 16, 1929 - July 11, 2012



Our dearest, Florence Heath, age 83, was granted rest by our Lord on July 11, 2012 at home. Florence was born in Elgin, Illinois on February 16, 1929. She and her sisters were amongst the very first paper delivery girls for the Elgin, IL daily newspaper during the 1930s and 40s. Florence attended Elgin High School graduating in 1948. She loved going to her class reunions every 5 years and was looking forward to the 65th reunion in August of this year.

After High School Florence married Richard Stanley Heath and they had two daughters. Florence resided in the greater Chicago for many years before the family moved to Florida due to her husband and daughter’s health concerns.

In Florida, Florence worked for E-Systems as a printed circuit board inspector. These printed circuits were used in the booster rockets for the Apollo Space Missions. After her husband died in 1974 Florence finally went to college and earned an AA degree in Human Services from St. Petersburg Junior College. She went back to school in the 80’s and at the age of 60 earned her AA degree in Nursing. After becoming an LPN Florence worked at several facilities and also did home health care before moving to Los Angeles, California.  It was while working at the West Los Angeles VA Hospital, Florence and many of her co-workers watched from the balcony as OJ Simpson tried to out run police in the infamous white Bronco, an event that was televised all across America.

Florence retired from the VA and moved to Plankinton, SD in 1996. She enjoyed working in her large vegetable garden, and served several years as a city council member. Florence was also the resident costume designer and maker for her daughter’s summer children’s theatre - Little Red Hen Players. Florence was part of the Experience Works program and through this program worked for a time at the Stickney Senior Center Lunch program and later at the Mitchell Salvation Army.

Florence was preceded in death by her husband Richard, an infant son, her mother Theresa Young, and her father and stepfathers, Carl Vege, James C. Young and Pilar N. Flores, her sisters and brothers-in-law; Edna and Walter Hulsberg, and Carmen and Bill Yunker and her brother James C. Young, and a step son Richard.

Florence is survived by her two children Carmen McLendon and Linda (Howard Millis) Heath all of Plankinton, a sister-in-law Betty Jones of Elgin, IL, two step daughters and their families Sally Anne Pack, Illinois and Violet Smith,  Florida and many nieces, and nephews.


None Scheduled


Tuesday, July 17, 2012
2:00 PM
Bittner Funeral Chapel
805 West Havens
Mitchell, South Dakota


Lakewood Memorial Park
Elgin, Illinois

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Posted by Ron Bigger on May 6, 2013
I arrived here by looking up someone else on Google and I'm glad I did.
Mrs. Heath sounds like a person who lived as Our Great Lord intended us to live.
It's comforting to know that blessed souls like her are in heaven watching over us with the Lord.
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