Gilbert Owen Miller


August 29, 1923 - April 19, 2014


Gilbert Owen Miller was born August 29, 1923 to Andrew and Lilly (Frahm) Miller on the farm at Mount Vernon, SD.  He grew up and attended school in the Mount Vernon area and graduated from Mount Vernon High School.    He worked as a welder in an aircraft manufacturing plant in California. He was drafted and served in the US Army during World War II.  He married Arlene Knox on December 21, 1945 on his way to Germany for a one year tour of duty.

When he was discharged from the army he returned to the Mount Vernon area to farm and raise his family.  He was a member of the Farm Bureau, Wesleyan Church, school board, Gideon’s and other community organizations. 

He is survived by his wife of 68 years, Arlene; two daughters:  Ingrid Lindberg, and Mary Miiller, both of Rapid City SD; two sons:  David (Marilyn) Miller, Rapid City SD and Greg Miller, Mitchell SD; his sister, Phyllis (Noel) Koch of Milford NE; five grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.  

He was preceded in death by his parents and two sisters, Ruth Berglund and Dorothy Herbst.

A Memorial has been established to the Gideons International.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Mitchell Wesleyan Church
601 North Sanborn
Mitchell, South Dakota


Wednesday, April 23, 2014
10:30 AM
Mitchell Wesleyan Church
601 North Sanborn
Mitchell, South Dakota


Servicemen's Memorial Cemetery
Mitchell, South Daktoa

Posted by Nick Miller on April 22, 2014
For those of you that donít know me, my name is Nick Miller, Gilbertís grandson. For as long as I can remember I used to spend every summer in Mitchell with my grandparents. It was probably a relief for both my parents and my grandparents. My parents were able to get kid out of the house for the summer and my grandparents were able to get help around the farm.

Every summer was unique and there are a few that stand out.

I remember one summer helping put up the hay at the farm in Mitchell and then making the many trips to Mt. Vernon to put up hay there with grandpa. I believe about half of the time was spent actually putting up hay, the other half of the time was spent fixing the equipment.

I remember one year helping to finish the green cab-over grain truck. This one particularly stands out because it was the first time that I drove a 4 speed over under stick shift. I was about 10.

There was also the summer where I was learning about computers. What better way than to go to a state sale and get an old computer (An 8086, 2MB ram, 10MB hard drive, and black and orange screen). The problem is that on state sales they are sold in lots. Iím not sure whatever happened with the other 15+ black and orange/green computer monitors.

One favorite every summer was going to the best-years-fellowship events with grandpa and grandma and getting to sample all of the flavors of home-made ice cream. The best part about ďbest-years-fellowshipĒ ice cream is that most came from a generation not as concerned with the fat or calorie content of the ice cream. The concern was with flavor!

Then there were the Saturday morning prayer breakfast. With spiritual giants like Albert (Hellen ?), Lyle Shoemacher, Vern Hildebrandt, Keith Nash, Glenn Wieczoreck, and of course grandpa . At the time I probably enjoyed the breakfasts more than the prayer time, but I still remember the way they prayed. It was as if they were talking to a friend right there with them. Especially the prayers of Albert (Hellen?) who could pray in King James English.

Probably the biggest memory was one of forgiveness. I was probably 13 at the time and was making a trip with grandpa to Dakota Salvage for some parts for some project. There was something that grandpa needed, but I had to stay on the path. Being a young teenage boy, you canít just stand there and do nothing, so you find something to do. My something to do was to pick up some rocks and try to throw them. Apparently in a junk yard, a junk car with an unbroken windshield is not junk. After the worker that saw me had escorted me out grandpa went back in to talk with the owner. Iím guessing to pay for the, now, junk windshield. He came out, we rand our other errands, and went home. It was a really quiet car ride. To this day I donít think he ever said anything to me or to anyone about it.

A few things to rememberÖ

We can fix it.
If you donít have the right tool, improvise.
Itís never a bad time to have a cookie, even if itís right before a meal. (Sorry Grandma)
Do whatever you can to help others.
Go to church.
Part of forgiving is forgetting.
Posted by Dave and Lois Swenson on April 22, 2014
Dear Miller Family, You are in our thoughts and prayers. Gilbert was a kind and caring soul. We enjoyed our visits with him. Please know we are thinking of you. Lois and Dave Swenson
Posted by Marsha Berglund on April 22, 2014
Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Thankful that Mike is on his way to attend the services. He so wanted to be with his family. He loved and respected his Uncle Gilbert. He has shared with me some of his fondest memories. May God keep all who are traveling safe, bless you, and comfort you with peace that can only come from HIM. Love, Marsha Berglund
Posted by Wayne Mueller on April 21, 2014
Dear Arlene and family, Judy and I are sorry to hear of Gilbert's death. We have so many memories of our involvement with him over the years at Mitchell Wesleyan. He was the fix it man! I never knew another person who had so many ideas and the tools to go with them to repair or replace what was broken or worn out. I remember numerous Saturday mornings hearing him pray for his pastors and neighbors at our Men's Prayer. I remember several Julys and Augusts when he would prepare our van and trailer for its multiple trips west to camps. He was always in a position to offer his help. He had a very kind, generous heart. Mostly, he wanted others to hear the good news of the gospel,whatever it took for one more person to have the opportunity to respond. May God give you all comfort and peace. He lived well!
Posted by Stewart Berglund on April 21, 2014
Aunt Arlene, Ingred, David, Greg, Mary, Sorry to hear of Uncle Gilbert passing. You and all of your family's are in our thoughts and prayers. May peace be with you. Our Love, Stewart and Normay.
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